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sensi seeds cannabis seeds shipping locationsnetherland flag sensi seedsSensi Seeds cannabis seed bank in The Netherlands deliver cannabis seeds of top quality marijuana strains discretely to all countries shaded dark green in the map to the left. Merchandise only to countries shaded light green.

Outside of the European Union?

.Get high-grade marijuana seeds dispatched quickly and discreetly worldwide from our sister site:  ILGM Seedbank

Top strains from Holland’s oldest cannabis seed bank

sensi seeds growingGoing on 25 years Sensi Seeds has stood head and shoulders above the generic marijuana breeders industry leading the way forward for better and more dependable marijuana crops.

Growers in the know get their best cannabis seeds from us.

Sensi Seeds continues to be considered the leader in the cannabis seed industry winning more cups and prizes than any those of any other breeder or seed-seller.

Some of the best cannabis seeds on the planet have been created by us and copied by other seed banks trying to emulate our success.

Hybrids like Silver Haze, Big Bud and Jack Herer have become legendary.

Check out out top cannabis seed strains available. All the marijuana strains below come with the high standards expected of  Sensi Seeds. This means you can grow top quality cannabis using our award winning seeds.


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Indoor Sensi Seeds

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White Label

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White Label feminised

white label feminised cannabis seeds

Disclaimer: It is legal to trade in cannabis seeds in most countries. It is not legal to cultivate marijuana in all countries. Laws regarding the growing of cannabis are continually under revision and change. We do not give legal advice in this area. Practice due diligence. Consult your local laws before undertaking any action. We do not condone or endorse illegal activity.