Afghan Kush Sensi Seeds

Afghan Kush Sensi Seeds

white label afghan kush sensi seedsAfghan Kush is the original AK – smuggled in from the Hindu Kush mountain where this famous hash strain has been bred to perfection for hundreds of years to be the amazing source of cannabis resin that it is.

Aromatic  Indian Charas and sticky with resin dark Afghani hash both come from from Kush plants related to the Indica family.

Afghan Kush stays compact and stocky yet produces large heavy crops of high resin content buds.

Afghan Kush makes a particularly good strain for cloning.

following pure Indica characteristics the leaves are broad and dark green.

The buds grow thick and heavy saturated with potent resin which explains why this is the strain most preferred for hashish production.

See also Master Kush as another variety of this cannabis hash plant.

Afghan Kush regular seeds

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