Afghani #1

Afghani #1 regular, feminized and automatic seeds

sensi seeds afghani #1Sensi Seeds Afghani #1 are the most cost-effective and reliable option if the grower is looking for an easy, fast-growing, high yielding indoor cannabis plant.

An almost pure Indica strain distilled from the best Afghani parents.

This hardy strain ensures success even for first time growers.

Characteristic are the big, dark leaves that often turn purple at harvest time and the strong, almost medicinal aroma.

Afghani #1 is also known for the very strong physical, practically narcotic high.

This strain grows well outdoors in warm sunny climates or indoors.

It enjoys a relatively short flowering period but produces a large bounty of highly resinous buds.

Height: 100-130 cm

Yield: up to 125 grams.

Afghani #1 regular seeds

10 seeds €54.99

afghani #1


Afghani #1 feminized seeds

1 seeds €9.99
3 seeds €25.49
5 seeds €40.00
10 seeds €70.00

afghani #1 feminized seeds


Afghani #1 automatic seeds

1 seeds €11.00
3 seeds €27.00
5 seeds €42.50
10 seeds €75.00

afghani #1 automatic seeds




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