American Dream

American Dream seeds

american dream sensi seedsSensi Seeds have created American Dream by enhancing their elite Afghan-skunk genotype with a delicate blend of Hawaiian and Jamaican Sativas.

American Dream seeds produce a  hybrid cannabis plant with an abundance of solid, fist-sized buds.  It produces spiky, glistening pistles and a coating of trichomes.

This plant will grow easily in the greenhouse or outside in warm climates.  Sensi Seeds American Dream will easily reach the size of a young fir tree, with mind-blowing harvests of bud that can bend her sturdy Skunk frame.

In cannabis breeding, prosperity and success can be measured in terms of potency, yield, vigour and reliability.  Sensi Seeds have been able to draw from a rich and varied gene pool to produce a hybrid that will almost certainly guarantee return for money

The smoker can expect a sparkling, silly stone-high and a pungent, earthy Skunk flavour that complements her fruity island notes.

Yield up to 500g  Height approx 250 cm   Flowers mid-October.

American Dream seeds

10 seeds €75.00

american dream seeds



Essential Information

sensi seeds cannabis seeds shipping locationsSensi Seeds seed bank from Holland ships marijuana seeds of top quality strains discretely to locations marked green on the map. Other goods can be make available to countries filled in pale green.

Sensi Seeds sends cannabis seeds to states in the EU. Sensi Seeds seed bank will not send marijuana seeds to states outside the European Union. Other products such as merchandise can be sent outside the EU.

Not in the European Union?

We endorse another cannabis seed bank Sensi Seeds from Seedsman that ships genuine Sensi Seeds worldwide.


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Legal Notice

sensi seeds disclaimerPurchasing cannabis seeds is permissible in most jurisdictions without restrictions.

Some places tolerate the growing of cannabis provided it is for personal use. Some places have legislation aiming to discourage the growing of cannabis unless one obtains a license first. Other countries have very restrictive legislation that attempts to prevent any of its people from growing cannabis for any reason.

We are not experts in cannabis legalities. If you have any doubts about laws on cannabis cultivation where you live you may want to get in touch with those in the know for understanding. We do not support the contravention of laws.

We provide a law-abiding service educating citizens about the characteristics of various cannabis geno-types and give access to cannabis seeds to citizens with an address in Europe over the age of 18.