Amnesia White sensi seeds

Amnesia White sensi seeds

amnesia white label sensi seedsAmensia White, part of the White Label family of cannabis seeds, is a top level Sativa strain and is a refinement of the well known and respected Haze hybrid.

Simply put, White Amnesia from Sensi Seeds is one of the finest Sativa marijuana ever created.

The original Haze is known for its  and electric and buzzing tropical high.

Haze is also known also for its large size, long flowering time and average harvests.

Amnesia White keeps the awesome cerebral buzz of genuine Haze but speeds up flowering time and overproduces on the resin content, density and sheer quantity of the final harvest.

To ensure that the uplifting high is not diminished in any way, Amnesia White sensi seeds has been re-bred with the potent Thai strains that gave Haze its potency.

The result is a fast and strong new hybrid that tops all categories.

Amnesia White delivers dense, running buds  sticky with sweet smelling resin.

The final height and flowering period  have been reduced. and both can be further reduced by If you flower Amnesia White after a short growth period the final height and time to maturity can be reduced further.

Amnesia White is considered to be one of the most successful strains of Sensi Seeds although the potency of their final product might be a bit over the top for some ;-).

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Disclaimer: Amnesia White sensi seeds from Sensi Seeds are legal to be bought, sold and traded in most countries but in many countries the germination of Sensi Seeds and the cultivation of cannabis is illegal, or special permits are required. We supply information on the growth and characteristics of Amnesia White marijuana for educational purposes only and do not condone or encourage activities that may bring anyone conflict with local legislation. Please check with your local laws. Sensi Seeds neither condones nor encourages illegal activities in any shape of form.