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Amnesia White

Amnesia White strainAmensia White, part of the White Label family of cannabis seeds, is a top level Sativa strain and is a refinement of the well known and respected Haze hybrid.

Simply put, White Amnesia from Sensi Seeds is one of the finest Sativa marijuana available from any seed bank.

Most people associate the original Haze with an electric and buzzing tropical high.

However, Haze grows into a large plant, it takes its time in flowering. Also it has a sizable harvest but not an overabundant cash cropper.

Amnesia White keeps the awesome cerebral buzz of genuine Haze. However, it speeds up flowering time with high resin content, density and sheer quantity of the final harvest.

We re-bred Amnesia White with the potent Thai strains to maintain or even enhance the uplifting cerebral high.

The result is a fast and strong new hybrid that tops all categories.

.Amnesia White delivers dense, running buds  sticky with sweet smelling resin.

The final height and flowering period  have been reduced. You can reduce them further if you flower Amnesia White after a short growth period. This reduces the final height and time to maturity further.

Amnesia White is one of the most successful White Label strains from Sensi Seeds. However, some may find the  this strain simply to potent.

Amnesia White seeds

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amnesia white seeds



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