Auto CBD #41- a new high CBD strain

Sensi CBD #41 (Swiss Dream X Skunk #1 auto)

sensi #41 CBD autoAs part of its range of new strains, Sensiseeds have been working on Sensi CBD #41 – a strain with high CBD and low THC content.

What this means in practice is that when using the finished product you will experience the health benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) without getting high on THC.

The THC content is very low, comparable to commercial hemp at 0.6%. CBD content weighs in at THC/CBD ratio of 1 to 30. That’s a CBD content of 18%.

Flowering period

Being an automatic strain, CBD #41 will develop buds throughout its growth cycle. It has a relatively long flowering cycle so multiple harvests may be possible before its life cycle comes to an end.


Sensi #41 CBD has been created from Swiss Dream and Skunk #1 strains. After many generations, Sensiseeds have managed to create a robust Indica / Sativa hybrid with high CBD and low THC contents. After years of perfecting this new strain, Sensiseeds has now released it to the public.

Ideal growing climate

Being are hardy plant with dominant Indica genes, Sensi CBD #41 grows well outdoors in cool climates. A short but compact plant you can grow this new strain indoors in smaller grow spaces with great success.


Although Sensi CBD #41 is short plant, it can yield a surprisingly large crop, particularly if you employ multiple harvests of bud over its growing cycle.

Sensi CBD #41 reviews

Because this is new strain there are neither reviews nor official pictures for this strain. Like almost all Sensiseed strains we expect a good reception, but growing, harvesting and writing a review oin your experiences takes time. Perhaps you could be the first.


1 seeds€12.50
3 seeds€31.00
5 seeds€49.50
10 seeds€93.50

sensi #41 CBD


sensi seeds disclaimerNotice: Dealing in CBD #41 auto seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Some countries tolerate the cultivation of cannabis provided it is for medical use. Some countries have laws aiming to discourage the cultivation of cannabis unless permits are obtained beforehand. Other countries have very restrictive legislation that attempts to prevent any of its citizens from growing cannabis for any purpose whatsoever. We are not specialized in cannabis legalities. If you are concerned regarding legislation on cannabis cultivation where you live we suggest you should contact the appropriate authorities for interpretation clarity. We do not encourage in any way whatsoever the breaking of legislation. Our service is law-abiding. We inform folks about the characteristics and qualities of high-grade cannabis strains. We give access to high CBD auto seeds to folks 18 years old and above resident of the EU.