Black Domina

black domina sensi seedsBlack Domina is a combination of the finest Sensi Seeds Indica strains creating a a rapid-flowering, crystal-coated hybrid a cut above the rest.

Four top strains of Afghani cannabis have been combined in this rapid growing and easy strain.  Black Domina develops the best features from the prime Indica strains such as  Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani.

Black Domina is most suited for cash croppers and first-timers.

When grown from seed Black Domina displays favourable phenotype variation, always with potent Indica characteristics – high density, rapid growth, stocky stature and heavy resin production.

In short, Black Domina females are prized as rewarding, productive mother plants. Growers who employ cloning select their darkest Black Domina females as queen plants providing perpetual world-class cuttings.

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Disclaimer: Black Domina cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds are legal to be bought, sold and traded in most countries but in many countries the germination of Sensi Seeds and the cultivation of cannabis is illegal, or special permits are required. We supply information on the growth and characteristics of Black Domina marijuana for educational purposes only and do not condone or encourage activities that may bring anyone conflict with local legislation. Please check with your local laws. Sensi Seeds neither condones nor encourages illegal activities in any shape of form.