Black Domina

black domina sensi seedsBlack Domina is a combination of the finest Sensi Seeds Indica strains creating a a rapid-flowering, crystal-coated hybrid a cut above the rest.

Sensi Seeds combined 4 top strains of Afghani cannabis  to create this rapid growing and easy strain.  Black Domina develops the best features from the prime Indica strains such as  Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani.

This high level cannabis strain is most suited for cash croppers and first-timers.

When grown from seed Black Domina displays favourable phenotype variation, always with potent Indica characteristics – high density, rapid growth, stocky stature and heavy resin production.

In short, serious breeders view Black Domina females as rewarding, productive mother plants. Growers who employ cloning select their darkest Black Domina females as queen plants providing perpetual world-class cuttings.

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Legal Notice

sensi seeds disclaimerDisclaimer: Possessing Black Domina and other cannabis seeds is legal in most places without restrictions.

Some countries tolerate the cultivation of cannabis provided it’s for medical use. Some places have legislation prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless the grower obtains a permit first. Other countries have very restrictive laws that restricts any of its citizens from growing cannabis for any reason. We are not experts in cannabis legislation. If you are concerned regarding legislation on cannabis growing where you live you should contact the appropriate authorities for understanding.

Sensi Seeds does not encourage the contravention of legislation. Sensi Seeds offers a law-abiding service educating the pubic about the characteristics of high-grade cannabis strains and allow access to cannabis seeds to anyone in Europe 18 years old and above.