Double Gum Sensi seeds

Double Gum Sensi Seeds White Label

double gum white label sensi seeds

A  sweet tasty flavor is just one of the many great qualities of this specialized cannabis strain.

The taste and smell of Double Gum reminds one of traditional pink bubble-gum and a potency that make take you by surprise.

These cannabis seeds from the White Label family produces tough, vigorous, and , versatile marijuana plants that are perfect for indoor growing and/or greenhouse cultivation.

Double Gum can also grow well outdoors in warmer climates.

This strain has a  compact Indica growth-pattern which makes it an easy plant to grow and harvest.

Double Gum female plants grow an enormous central bud with many chunky spurs and  side branches.

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Legal Notice

sensi seeds disclaimerPlease Note: Purchasing cannabis seeds is legal in most places with few restrictions.

Some jurisdictions tolerate the cultivation of cannabis as along as it is for medical use. Some countries have laws aiming to discourage the growing of cannabis unless you gets a license beforehand. Other countries have very restrictive regulations that prevents any of its citizens from growing cannabis for any purpose whatsoever. We are not cannabis legal experts in all countries.

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