Early Girl

Early Girl cannabis seeds

sensiseeds early girlA distant high-altitude Mexican ancestor gives Early Girl her delicate Sativa influence, whilst North Indian and Afghani strains give Early Girl the rugged mostly Indica features.

Her largest buds groe on a single main stem, most upper branches stay close, letting the flower clusters  merge into the central cola. Leave the lower branches untouched and they sometimes reach the height of the main stem at the end of the outdoor season. This gives the effect of the dense tops orbiting the terminal bud.

Early Girl is a resilient seed-strain of Sensi Seeds outdoor Indica collection.  A dependable,outstanding producer of chunky, sparkling Indica tops suitable for short Northern summers.

Early Girl grows great in conservatories, on balconies, roof terraces or anywhere space is limited.  She will flourish with only the basic essentials of cultivation.

Any household with an outdoor area of direct sunlight will have room for these compact little ladies. Early Girl will do the rest, with occasional watering and a little feeding producing an abundance of sticky, fat, hash-flavoured buds that produce a smooth, long-lasting high.

Yield up to 250g.  Height 150 – 200 cm

Early Girl regular seeds

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early girl seeds


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