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early pearl plantEarly Pearl is the first outdoor Sativa particularly designed for Northern climates with shorter summers.  For 20 years this powerful plant has been producing luxurious harvests of bulky trichome-frosted buds.
Growing cannabis before these hybrids were developed proved almost impossible in Northern climates.

Sensi seeds have been developing three Early strains, Early Pearl, Indica-dominant Early Girl and Early Skunk since the mid Eighties to give cooler climate growers access to these proven cannabis plants.

Each of these hybrids have their own advantages. Early Pearl has the yield and solidity of an Indica It has the stunning high of a Sativa  combined with a zest and vibrancy that is all her own. She is a proven first-class breeding stock. It is perfect for adding stability and toughness to other hybrids

You can cultivate Early Pearl indoors at the end of winter. Later, transfer them outdoors after the spring equinox.  Then, exposure to maximum sunlight will produce the largest possible yield.

Keep in mind to allow plenty of spacing between plants especially if growing directly in the ground as these plants can reach the equivalent of a small tree.  Unless continuous rain or long periods of below-freezing temperatures prevent, you can leave Early Pearl outdoors to reach her crystal coated heavy budded maturity.

Height 200 – 300 cm.  Huge yields depending on space to grow. Amazing Sativa high.

Early Pearl seeds

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early pearl seeds

* Due to demand outstripping supply,  Early Pearl seeds often run out of stock.

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