Early Skunk Feminized

Early Skunk feminized

early skunk feminized seedsFor great results and reliable performance, Early Skunk could qualify as the best all-round strain in the Sensi Seed Bank Outdoor collection.

Now available as a feminised variety there’s no need to remove males at the start of the flowering cycle.

Like the original, feminised Early Skunk seeds produce strong and  fast growing plants that produce heavy harvests of dank, sticky bud in virtually any climate.

Feminized Early Skunk seeds bring together the bulk and strength of Skunk #1 and the outdoor hardiness of Early Pearl in a turbo-charged, all-female cannabis hybrid that can grow happily in the garden, on the balcony or in any outdoor location with access to direct sunlight.

Before, people growing outdoor in short summer climates were unable to grow Skunks and other powerful cannabis hybrids to their full potential.

To avoid poor weather at the end of outdoor season – which could cause fungus problems in the dense Skunk buds –growers in cool climates often needed to harvest their most best plants before flowering reached its zenith.

Early Skunk fixes this problem. It provids northern growers with the perfect solution to their dilemma ever since.

The influence of the Early Pearl parent allows Early Skunk to finish weeks earlier than Skunk#1 and greatly increases the strain´s resistance to mold and fungus.

The release of this superb outdoor hybrid as a reliable, uniform, feminized strain is the last step in perfecting Early Skunk. Early Skunk feminized is a potent, productive, hardy, easy to grow strain with no risk of producing male plants.

Indica features dominate the growth pattern of feminized Early Skunk, giving her a solid, resin-encrusted flower formation and massive yields.

Early Skunk Feminized seeds

1 seeds €9.00
3 seeds €22.00
5 seeds €34.99
10 seeds €66.01
25 seeds €145.01

early skunk feminized seeds




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