Early Skunk

Early Skunk seeds

early skunk sensi seedsFor super results and predictable outdoor performance, Early Skunk is simply the best seed strain in the Sensi Seeds Bank collection. Early Skunk is resilient, rapid and vibrant. It produces bountiful harvests of dense potent buds in almost anywhere – even in the short cool summers of Northern Europe.

Early Skunk combines the weight and strength of Skunk #1 and the hardiness of Early Pearl in a very potent  hybrid that can grows great in gardens, on a balcony, or in anywhere outside in direct sunlight.

No longer are people of Northern climes unable to grow Skunk or other potent hybrid cannabis strains. The formation of mould / fungus in the buds around Autumn would often cause growers to harvest their crop before it had fully matured.

Not the case with Early Skunk. The characteristics of Early Pearl enables Early Skunk to finish flowering and be ready for harvest weeks before Skunk #1. It also increases this cannabis strain’s resistance to mould.

Indica characteristics present in Early Skunk ensure enormous yields of dense resin-sticky buds. Sativa characteristics are evident in the smoking of these buds giving a soaring happy high.

Each Early Skunk will grow between 200 – 300 cm high and you can expect up to 500 grams of dried bud per plant. Buds contain high THC levels 0f 15% – 20%.


Early Skunk seeds

10 seeds €36.00

early skunk seeds



Early Skunk feminized seeds

1 seeds €9.00
3 seeds €22.00
5 seeds €34.99
10 seeds €66.01
25 seeds €145.01

early skunk feminized seeds



Early Skunk autoflowering seeds

1 seeds €9.00
3 seeds €22.51
5 seeds €37.50
10 seeds €70.00

early skunk autoflowering seeds



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