White Diesel feminised seeds

White Diesel feminised seeds

White Diesel seedsDon’t make the mistake of underestimating the strength of White Diesel because it really packs a punch.

‘Diesel marijuana’ means power, strength and reliability. Diesel cannabis strains has those characteristics as well as a tasty citrus-like flavour.

White Diesel from Sensi Seeds is a delicious and potent hybrid that’s easy to grow and very profitable to harvest.

White Diesel is a member of the prestigious White Label family of hybrid White cannabis strains.

It is based on the NYC Diesel hybrid that was first identified in NYC and is considered considered one of the top Diesel strains around.

White Diesel feminized cannabis seeds retains the dense bud development and fruity taste of the original, while producing a thicker covering of potent resin-sticky trichomes.

This improvement makes the female plants appear more white than green at the height of flowering and gives White Diesel its name.

White Diesel feminized seeds

1 seeds €11
3 seeds €28
5 seeds €44
10 seeds €82

white diesel feminized seeds



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Legal Notice

sensi seeds disclaimerPurchasing cannabis seeds is legal in most jurisdictions without restrictions.

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