First Lady

First Lady seeds

first lady sensi seedsFirst Lady is a pure Afghani strain offering the rich flavour of old time Indica combined with the punch of a modern hybrid cannabis plant.

Fast growing, Sensi Seeds First Lady is a stocky plant producing abundant flowers, the buds of which contain a high resin content.

With healthy soil, good ventilation and lighting, First Lady will provide novice growers with plentiful bunches of buds.

More experienced growers will be able to bring out the best with any method or system they desire.

The taste of the smoke is very smooth and the high is very strong.

This gives an unusually clear buzz and a slightly delayed, really strong, mellow high.

The taste is fantastic clean and sweet.

Height up to 130 cm.  Yield up to 100 grams.


First lady seeds

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first lady seeds



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sensi seeds disclaimerPurchasing cannabis seeds is permissible in most countries with few restrictions.

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