Four Way

four way cannabis seeds sensiFour Way came about through intensive efforts to create a stable super hybrid cannabis strain.

Some of top hybrid of Sensi Seeds have their roots in breeding projects of this scale.

Many unique flavours, formations and effects introduced by Sensi Seeds strains were only possible through the sheer variety of genotypes we were able to combine, plus the dedication, detailed records and keen senses of the breeders responsible for selection.

Four Way ifeatures in some of the earliest seed-catalogues. It’s a multiple Indica hybrid combining exceptional Indian, Afghani and Pakistani super strains. This potent genetic mix is backed up with the vigour and high-octane punch of Skunk #1.

After some additional refinement to accentuate her best qualities, Four Way has become lasting favourite among growers who want a strain capable of extraordinary appearance and great taste, as well as all the speed, bulk and power of the best Indicas.

As an early multiple hybrid, growers should expect a fair amount of variation when growing Four Way from seed.

Nevertheless, Four Way gives consistent, reliable Indica quality in a variety of forms, including occasional surprises in the form of fluke combinations of traits that make for unique, super potent or high-yielding mother plants.

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Legal Notice

sensi seeds disclaimerPossessing cannabis seeds is not illegal in most states without restrictions. Some places allow the cultivation of cannabis as along as it is for medical use. Some states have legislation aiming to discourage the growing of cannabis unless you obtains a license beforehand. Other countries have prohibitive regulations that attempts to prevent any of its citizens from cultivating cannabis for any purpose whatsoever.

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