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Fruity Juice regular seeds

fruity juiceAfter much experimenting with different Sativa and Indica genotypes, Sensi Seeds have produced  Fruity Juice.

This Thai-Afghani hybrid that has to be seen to be believed!

It is a large-leafed, thick stemmed, powerhouse strain. A vigorous, powerful plant that bursts with fragrance.

Fruity Juice is a staggering harvest producer you can grow outdoors in locations below 42°N or in a sunny greenhouse. It can reach heights of 2 to 3 meters.

You can also cultivate Fruity Juice seeds indoors under lights. But you may have to prune the plants later on for smaller grow spaces.

Growers will be rewarded with staggering harvests of super-thick flower clusters with an abundance of flavour and potency.

Sensi Seeds Fruity Juice when well-grown expresses both its Indica and Sativa heritage producing buds with a sticky resin and a familiar,yet unique sweet taste. A truly tropical experience.

As one grower remarked: “this is the perfect cash cropping plant. It’s the original all rounder. It is fast and relatively easy to grow and a large producer which flowers in 8 weeks.”

Height: 150-300 cm  Yield: up to 750 grams of bud per sq M.


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Fruity Juice regular seeds

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