Hollands Hope seeds

Holland’s Hope seeds

holland's hope strainHolland’s Hope was designed to thrive in the rugged outdoors of higher latitudes. Grows great in Holland, Northern Europe in general.

Hollands Hope seeds grows fast with a rapid flowering cycle ensuring your crop will be in before the dreaded rains and mould fungus of late Autumn take their toll.

Holland’s Hope seeds has been specifically bred as a superior fungus resistant strain able to resist the often damp autumn periods.

Does it get any better than that for us northern growers?

This fungus-resistant Indica produces a great harvest with heavy potent buds with an experience to b e remembered and savoured when smoked.

It remains a stocky plant yet produces a large amount of dense buds for harvest. Despite its modest stature, Hollands Hope delivers a substantial crop of potent Indica dominant bud.

Holland’s Hope grows great in short, damp, miserable  summers. There’s hope for us all!

Holland’s Hope Reviews

It ‘s an easy to grow strain and has high THC levels. It doesn’t smell too much or grow very high. Good for me because I don’t have lots of space. I’m already planning to grow it again.


England has hope too!  I’m growing it as a medical user. Chose this variety to grow in the English Midlands because the climate is much the same to the Netherlands.


Hollands Hope is my favourite strain. It can grow to almost 3 meters outdoors in Ireland . Great harvests too. For growing outdoors you must plant in May and harvest before the first frost in November. Great stone too.

Holand’s Hope regular seeds

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hollands hope regular seeds




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