Jack Flash #5

Jack Flash #5 feminized

jack flash #5Sensi Seeds continues to improve its strains.  Jack Flash #5 is such an example – the feminised version of the famous strain of Jack Herer

Jack Flash is a cross of Super Skunk and Haze, undergoing rigorous selection and testing at every stage.

Jack Flash #5 is reliable and  consistent in growth and yields.

It grows fast and large reflecting the Afghani-Skunk genes without distracting from the soaring Haze high.

Jack Flash is a truly world-class example of Sativa cannabis.

Noteworthy height when flowering, coupled with the ability to bulk out with solid Super Skunk / Haze buds means that great results are ha in when this strain form is allowed to finish at 1m or taller.

Many Sensi Seed folk consider Northern Lights#5 x Haze or Jack Herer as their all-time favourite ganja, Jack Flash is right up there as an all time favourite.

Jack Flash #5 feminized seeds

1 seeds €15.00
3 seeds €37.99
5 seeds €62.00
10 seeds €120.00


jack flash #5 feminized seeds




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