Jack Flash

Jack Flash regular seeds

jack flash sensi seedsJack Flash is a top-notch Sensi Seeds Sativa cannabis strain.

Characteristic of genuine Sativa, Jack Flash grows taller (140 to 160 cm).

If you have the space the significant height gain in flowering, paired with the ability to completely fill out with solid Skunk / Haze bud means that best results are when Jack Flash is allowed to grow to its natural height.

While most members of the Sensiseeds family rate Northern Lights#5 x Haze or Jack Herer as their all-time favourite ganja, Jack Flash is another serious contender for the title and is steadily gaining ground on the two world champion Sativas.

Sensi Seeds created Jack Flash to challenge  the myth that potent tropical strains were too difficult or low-yielding for indoor growers.

The creation of  this strain with all the growing advantages of a Skunk has been a success in that regard. The breeding of Jack Flash cannabis seeds involved a precise blend of Super Skunk and Haze.

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Jack Flash regular seeds

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jack flash seeds



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