Jack Herer

Jack Herer Sensi Seeds

jack herer sensi seedsThe Jack Herer cannabis strain for Sensi Seeds is probably the best strains of cannabis you will ever experience.

It has won more awards than any other marijuana strain on the planet.

On top of that, Jack Herer cannabis bears the distinction of being one of a few marijuana strains that is distributed by doctors for medicinal uses.

Named after the famous cannabis legalization campaign and author of the book The Emperor Wears no Clothes, (recently deceased), Jack Herer is the strain for true connoisseurs of cannabis and for those who simply want the best.

This is where the Sensi Seed Bank delivers where others fall short. Not responding to fads in the ‘weed world’, Sensi Seeds develops some of the highest quality cannabis strains available anywhere in the world.

Jack Herer cannabis seeds strain is such a case in point.

It is the optimal blend of tropical Sativa and resiny Indica resulting in a bountiful plant of dense buds high in THC content and delivering a soaring, inspiring high when smoked.

Experienced professional growers of cannabis agree that Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds are the best cannabis seeds obtainable from any source.

White Label Jack Herer exclusively from Sensi Seeds is one of of top-level cannabis hybrids – far superior to the various low quality ‘Jack’ copies.

Jack Herer is a well-balanced and robust strain containing approximately 45% Indica and 55% Sativa genetics.

Jack Herer leans towards Sativa – tall, energetic, Hazey plants with fabulous resin production and an uplifting, almost psychedelic effect.

This premium Sensi Seeds strain enjoys strong Sativa traits. It delivers a bountiful yield and dense, compact buds. Top quality harvests from plants grown from Jack Herer cannabis seeds is the rule, not the exception.

Jack Herer seeds are available in regular or feminized form.


Jack Herer regular seeds

10 seeds €88.00

jack herer seeds



Jack Herer feminized seeds

1 seeds €24
3 seeds €60
5 seeds €95
10 seeds €175

jack herer feminized seeds



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sensi seeds cannabis seeds shipping locationsSensi Seeds cannabis seed bank from the Netherlands ships marijuana seeds of high quality marijuana strains discretely to states coloured dark green on the map. Other goods only to countries shaded pale green.

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Not in the European Union?

We recommend another cannabis seed bank Sensi Seeds from Seedsman that makes available Sensi Seeds worldwide.

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sensi seeds disclaimerPlease Note: Dealing in cannabis seeds is permissible in most countries with few restrictions.

Some countries tolerate the cultivation of cannabis provided it’s for personal use. Some jurisdictions have laws prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless you obtains a permit first. Other countries have very restrictive laws that prevents any of its citizens from growing cannabis for any purpose whatsoever.

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