Jamaican Pearl

Jamaican Pearl regular and feminized seeds

sensiseeds jamaican pearlOriginating from the home of some of the best and most potent Sativa in the world, Jamaica, Sensi Seeds have created a breed suited for northern climates and growing seasons.

Jamaican Pearl bring the sweet smelling potency of Caribbean Sativa to northern gardens.

Caribbean Sativa strains are hard to find in modern seed banks but Sensi Seeds have managed to pull off one beautiful strain with Jamaican Pearl using its select breeding program.

This is one of the first and only truly Caribbean Sativa strain that can grow up north successfully.

Indoor or outdoor, Jamaican Pearl delivers the goods. Expect heavy yields of sweet smelling Sativa buds.  The effects are a euphoric cerebral highs which will send you soaring to new heights.

For more detailed information on the breeding program that produced Jamaican Pearl as well as Sensi Seeds direct order links click on the link below:


Jamaican Pearl regular seeds

10 seeds€61.00

Jamaican Pearl regular seeds seeds


Jamaican Pearl feminized seeds

1 seeds €11.00
3 seeds €27.50
5 seeds €45.00
10 seeds €80.01

Jamaican Pearl feminized seeds seeds



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Legal Notice

sensi seeds disclaimerBuying and selling cannabis seeds is not illegal in most states with few restrictions.

Some countries allow the growing of cannabis for personal use. Some places have legislation aiming to discourage the growing of cannabis unless the grower obtains a license beforehand. Other countries have prohibitive legislation that prevents any of its people from cultivating cannabis for any purpose whatsoever.

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