Kali Haze

Kali Haze

kali hazeKali Haze is a great mix of high energy Sativa high and stable Indica genetics. The well-known characteristics of the original Haze has been enhanced by cross-breeding with North Indian and Jamaican strains.

The result is  a tasty and lively  alternative to the classic Sativa.

Kali Haze buds are thick and sticky in resin.They grow all along stem and branches. Equally, the Indica genes gives them a thickness and weight that is not characteristic of Haze-dominant strains.

The gods Kali and Shiva are parts of the whole representing consciousness energy. Indica strains are like Shiva.

They have a earthy power leading to contemplation. The divine energy of Kali Haze invigorates mind and body. It can inspire great creativity and decisive action.

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