Maple Leaf Indica

Maple Leaf Indica seeds

maple leaf indica sensi seedsMaple leaf Indica is a hash makers’ dream come true. Bred from selective Afghani geno-types, this strain delivers buds that are coated in sticky sweet resin with a scent of citrus.

Maple Leaf Indica is a prize strain of Sensi Seeds hybrids incorporating genes from the original Mazar-i-Sharif hashish.

A direct descendant of the original Afghani that made the area famous with cannabis and hash connoisseurs known throughout the Hindu Kush region as “the best there is”.

Simply put, Maple Leaf Indica, available only from Sensi Seeds, is one of the finest Afghani strains available outside the Hindu Kush region.

Maple Leaf grows rapidly producing dense buds that drip with crystal and sugary orange-grapefruit flavours. Maple Leaf Indica tops the list for resin production and has always been one of Sensi Seeds‘ favourites.

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Maple Leaf Indica seeds

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Maple Leaf Indica seeds



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