Medical Cannabis Strains their Benefits

medical cannabis sensi seedsWhen it comes to choosing a medical cannabis strain, many factors come into play. The ailment to be treated or relieved, the variety of medical cannabis seeds actually available to the patient. Take the physical and psychological make-up of the user into consideration.

Naturally, the most reliable and economical way to obtain a steady supply of medical cannabis is to grow your own. Use cannabis seeds from an authentic and reputable source. Sensi Seeds have one of the biggest ranges of medical cannabis seeds available. Many of their strains have won awards. They continue to be consistent favourites among both recreational and medical cannabis users.

So which cannabis seeds should you choose? You can split medical cannabis (in fact, all cannabis seeds) into three groups:

All the strains given as examples are original to Sensi Seeds. Despite their reputation for premium and exclusive strains, Sensi Seeds also offer some surprisingly low-priced cannabis seeds – their Hindu Kush is only €33,- for 10 seeds.

Use Indica strains to relieve muscle tension and spasms caused by:

  • multiple sclerosis,
  • Parkinson’s disease,
  • Tourette’s syndrome,
  • rheumatism and arthritis,
  • other afflictions.

Sativa strains relieve nausea and stimulate the appetite. This can be crucial to the survival of people undergoing chemotherapy or HIV/AIDS treatment. It can also help relieve:

  • migraine headaches,
  • chronic pain and
  • depression.

Hybrid cannabis seeds are useful for patients who want the particular effects of either Indica or Sativa, but find the full effects of either end of the medical cannabis spectrum somewhat overwhelming. Adding some Sativa to Indicas gives them a less soporific effect, whereas breeding a small proportion of Indica into a Sativa creates a more relaxed effect than the energetic high of pure Sativas, which can be experienced as somewhat hectic by some users. Eager to know more about the type of strains? Here,  more information about Sativa and Indica.

Starting with the right cannabis seeds assures medical cannabis users that the strain they are obtaining, and will ultimately consume, is genuinely the strain they want. No matter how well-meaning medicinal cannabis suppliers are, they are usually unable to guarantee with complete certainty that their product is genuine. You need to grow the strain yourself to be certain.

Sensi Seeds Shipping Policies

sensi seeds cannabis seeds shipping locationsSensi Seeds cannabis seed bank from the Netherlands makes available seeds of top quality marijuana strains without issues to all states marked dark green in the map. Merchandise only to countries marked light green.

Sensi Seeds seed bank ships seeds to countries in the European Union. Sensi Seeds seed bank will not send cannabis seeds to countries outside the EU. Other products such as merchandise can be delivered outside the EU.

Not in the European Union? We can recommend another seed bank Sensi Seeds from Seedsman that delivers Sensi Seeds world over.

Sensi Seeds Mechandise

For those unable to order cannabis seeds there is also a range of merchandise you may find interesting.

Legal Notice

sensi seeds disclaimerPBuying and selling cannabis seeds is permissible in most states without restrictions.

Some jurisdictions allow the growing of cannabis provided it’s for personal use. Some jurisdictions have legislation prohibiting the cultivation of cannabis unless one obtains a permit first. Other countries have very restrictive laws that prevents any of its people from growing cannabis for any purpose whatsoever.

We are not specialized in cannabis legislation. If you are concerned about legislation on cannabis cultivation where you live we suggest you should contact those in the know for interpretation clarity.

We do not encourage in any way the breaking of laws. We offer a law-abiding service informing the pubic about the characteristics and qualities of top cannabis geno-types and allow access to cannabis seeds to citizens in Europe 18 years old and above.