Growing Your Own Medicinal Cannabis in Canada

Growing Your Own Medicinal Cannabis Now Legalised in Canada

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Yep, you’ve probably heard by now: the Canadian government has now made it legal to grow medicinal cannabis in Canada.

It was already legal to buy medicinal marijuana from a licensed producer. But there weren’t many licensed producers and prices were high. So medical cannabis users campaigned to have growing your own cannabis for personal medical use legalised. And they succeeded!

It took a change of government. Trudeau’s Liberal Party took over from Harper’s Conservatives. But finally Canada has seen sense over weed. But on the 24th February 2016, the Canadian Federal Court decided that patients have the constitutional right to grow their own medicinal marijuana.

As one of the lawyers for the medical cannabis campaigners, Kirk Lousaw, told CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation):

“We proved that growing medical cannabis can be perfectly safe, and can be done completely in compliance with the law. People ought to have a right to do that without fear of being arrested and locked in cages for that activity.”

Permits still needed for growing medical marijuana

Now, before you think it’s all going to be one big free-for-all, keep in mind that you do still need to have a permit to use medical cannabis. Which means that only those patients holding such a permit are now allowed to grow their own. Still, that’s about 28,000 people and presumably this media attention to medical cannabis will make more people aware of its benefits. So one can only assume that demand for medical cannabis and its permits will go up.

The other issue with having to go only to licensed growers for medicinal cannabis was that only a very limited range of strains were available. Clearly this isn’t helpful for many users as different strains have different medical properties, related to the relative amounts of THC and CBD which are in them, along with various other chemicals.

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So being able to grow exactly the strain that suits your symptoms and condition makes your medical use of cannabis far more effective.

So what now? Well, with some states in America legalised cannabis use, and Canada moving towards full legalisation, it seems more hopeful that the days of criminalisation of using a herb to heal yourself may end soon.

2019 update on legalisation of cannabis in Canada

The incoming Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has fulfilled his election campaign pledge and decriminalised the growing and use of cannabis in Canada. The legal status of cannabis in Canada is now similar to The Netherlands.

Despite this fact, Sensi Seeds still restricts its shipping of genuine Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds to the EU. Hopefully, it EU regulations are relaxed, Sensi Seeds will be allowed to ship to Canada as there is no legal reason why shipments of cannabis seeds from the Netherlands to Canada should be blocked.

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Court Victory for Dutch Medical Cannabis Grower

It was for similar reasons – access to affordable and appropriate types of medical cannabis – that a Dutch medical marijuana user started growing his own.

He was prosecuted for doing so but then acquitted although it’s only him that’s now allowed to grow his own medical weed – the ruling didn’t apply more widely.

(The Dutch authorities control medicinal marijuana supplies usually.)

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