Mexican Sativa seeds

Mexican Sativa regular and feminized seeds

sensiseeds mexican sativaThe term ‘marijuana’ comes from Mexico – and so does some of the best Sativa cannabis in the world. Mexico has a wide variety of cannabis. Few people outrside Mexicao are aware of therm.

The Mexican Sativa seeds come from a strain nurtured by Sensi Seeds is a price-winning breed for Oaxaca. Sensi Seeds crossed it with the world renowned Durban seeds from Africa and the guarded hash plants of Pakistan. Then cross-bred back into the Mexican strain and what do you get?

Mexican Sativa seeds grow into a marijuana plant well suited for growing outdoors in the northern climes without loosing any of the finer qualities. Delivering an uplifting, happy high when smoked Mexican Sativa retains its distinct, subtle and pleasant flavor.

Mexican Sativa seeds from Sensi Seeds are easy to grow with an assured harvest of at least 250 grams of potent smoking bud per plant. It flowers in September / October and grows between 200 to 300 cm.

A great choice for northern gardeners who want to experience the delightful smoking characteristics of tropical Sativa in their own back yard. Sensi Seeds has come up with a real winner here.

Mexican Sativa seeds

10 seeds €24.01

mexican sativa seeds


Mexican Sativa feminized seeds

1 seeds €6.50
3 seeds €16.50
5 seeds €25.00
10 seeds €42.50

mexican sativa feminized seeds



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sensi seeds disclaimerPurchasing cannabis seeds is legal in most places with few restrictions. Some countries allow the growing of cannabis provided it’s for medical use. Some countries have legislation prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless one obtains a license first. Other countries have prohibitive regulations that prevents any of its citizens from growing cannabis for any reason. We do not claim to be experts in cannabis legislation.

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