Mexican Sativa

sensiseeds mexican sativaThe term ‘marijuana’ comes from Mexico – and so does some of the best Sativa cannabis in the world. Mexico enjoys a wide variety of cannabis that are rarely enjoyed outside.

The Mexican Sativa strain nurtured by Sensi Seeds is a price-winning breed for Oaxaca. They have crossed it with the world renowned Durban from Africa and the guarded hash plants of Pakistan. Then cross-bred back into the Mexican strain and what do you get?

A marijuana plant well suited for growing outdoors in the northern climes without loosing any of the finer qualities true Mexican Sativa – an uplifting, happy high when smoked with distinct, subtle and pleasant flavor.

Mexican Sativa from Sensi Seeds is easy to grow with an assured harvest of at least 250 grams of potent smoking bud per plant. It flowers in September / October and grows between 200 to 300 cm.

A great choice for northern gardeners who want to experience the delightful smoking characteristics of tropical Sativa in their own back yard. Sensi Seeds has come up with a real winner here.

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Disclaimer: Mexican Sativa cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds are legal to be bought, sold and traded in most countries but in many countries the germination of Sensi Seeds and the cultivation of cannabis is illegal, or special permits are required. We supply information on the growth and characteristics of Mexican Sativa marijuana for educational purposes only and do not condone or encourage activities that may bring anyone conflict with local legislation. Please check with your local laws. Sensi Seeds neither condones nor encourages illegal activities in any shape of form.