Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant

Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant seeds

G13 X Hash PlantSensi Seeds have created the amazing Mr. Nice X Hash Plant hybrid from the original G13 which has gained the reputation of a living legend due to its earth-shaking Indica potency.

The G13  x Hash Plant seed-strain was first introduced as a limited edition. In 1999, Sensi Seeds was very proud to bring this high resin producing strain back into production. The new title of Mr Nice, is in honour of Welshman Howard Marks – the infamous cannabis entrepreneur.

This cannabis seed strain features ‘double Afghani’ bouquet of Mr Nice – dense Indica clusters have a rich, spicy-sweet tang of raw resin glands.

When sampling this strain you’d swear you’re smoking a mix of hashish and ganja due to the delicious taste of burning trichomes.

G13 x Hash Plant is a top level Indica, bred for smokers who like to test their limits and cultivators who specialize in solid, heavy, ultra-potent crops.

The knock-down ‘body- stone is so powerful by Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant that it will send Indica-lovers to heaven!

Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant seeds

10 seeds €157

G13 X Hash plant



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