New CBD strains now available for testing

Special Sensi CBD strains

new CBD strainsSensiseeds seed bank has been very busy over the past few years developing strains bred specifically for high CBD content.

These efforts are in a response to the growing interest in CBD and its health properties.

These strains have been newly developed and have only recently been made available for public purchase and growing.

Because of their newness, these strains nether have names, pictures, or user reviews.

If you are interested in being a pioneer in growing CBD strains this is your chance.

Perhaps you could even help in giving these strains a name. Currently they have numbers along with the stock breeds they were created from.

What all these strains share in a high CBD content and relatively low THC content. When harvested, these plants can be used as medicinal marijuana, or used to create CBD oil, tinctures or even e-vape liquid.

Of course if you want CBD oil, tinctures, or vape liquid you don’t have to do it yourself from scratch. Sensiseeds make their own brand of these products and they have been universally praised the quality of product they are supplying. You can view their range of CBD products here: Sensiseeds CBD products

5 new high CBD strains

Sensiseeds have recently released 5 new high CBD strains. They still don’t have definitive names and are identified by numbers. With each number is listed the main strains they were developed from. As growers cultivate these new Sensiseeds strains they will undoubtedly get names along with their growing reputation.

That’s because when it comes to cannabis strains and seeds, SensiSeeds is miles ahead of everyone else. They have been in the business of seeking, collecting and then combining and breeding super strains for decades since the 1980’s.

Most other seed banks around the world now simply use the genetics first created by SensiSeeds. SensiSeeds is a giant in the cannabis growing world. The quality of their products ins second to none.

The 5 new high CBD concentration strains just released for public procurement and testing is:

Sensi #34 CBD auto

(Sensi Skunk x CBD) – classic skunk crossed with a top level CBD stock designed for ease of use.
sensi #41 CBD

Sensi #41 Auto CBD

(Swiss Dream x Skunk #1 Auto) – enjoys a very high CBD content along with skunk strength and flavour.sensi #41 CBD

Sensi #49 CBD

(Kush x Hindu Kush CBD) – the strong essence of Kush created to concentrate high CBD presence.
sensi #41 CBD

Sensi #743 CBD

(Black Domina CBD) – the amazing award-winning super Indica called Black Domina now developed into a high CBD strain.
sensi #41 CBD

Sensi #1318 CBD

(Harlequin x Black Domina) – Harlequin strain combined with Black Domina to create a high CBD strain great for relaxation.
sensi #41 CBD




sensi seeds disclaimerPlease Note: Possessing seeds of high CBD strains is legal in most states without restrictions. The growing of cannabis is tolerated in some states provided it is for personal use.

Some states have laws prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless permits are obtained beforehand. Other countries have very restrictive legislation that attempts to prevent any of its citizens from cultivating cannabis for any purpose whatsoever.

We are not experts in cannabis laws. If you are concerned regarding legislation on marijuana growing where you live we suggest you should get in touch with those in the know for interpretation clarity. We do not support in any way whatsoever the breaking of legislation.

We offer a legal service informing folks about the characteristics and qualities of popular cannabis geno-types and give access to CBD strains seeds to anyone 18 years old and above who is a resident of Europe.