New high CBD strain – Sensi #49 CBD

Sensi #49 CBD seeds

sensi #49 cbd A new strain from SeniSeeds Research lab is high CBD strain Sensi #49.

Sensi #49 CBD fem is a feminised strain created from successive cross-breeding Kush Indica classics namely Master Kush and Hindu Kush.

This new strain is similar in some respects to Sensi #219 Auto.  This is not automatic strain. It is a feminised one however.

The THC / CBD ratio is 1:2. This means that for every unit of THC there is 2 units of CBD. This exceptionally high ratio of CBD means Sensi #49 is an ideal strain to grow for medicinal uses.

Despite being a compact plant, thanks to its Kush origins, #49 CBD fem can produce large yields of potent bud when harvest time is due.

This strain will be a big hit among Kush lovers who are looking for a strain with a high level of CBD. Just out of the lab, this strain has yet to receive feedback and reviews. You could be the first!

You can grow Sensi #49 CBD fem indoors or outside in temperate warm climates.


1 seeds€9.00
3 seeds€22.51
5 seeds€36.00
10 seeds€68.00

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