New strain from Sensi Seed Research – Sensi #1318 CBD

.Sensi #1318 CBD fem

Sensi #1318 CBD New from Sensi Research labs, Sensi #1318 CBD is a high grade hybrid strain designed to provide copius amount of CBD.

Using the genetics of Balck Domina and Harlequin strains, Sensi #1318 CBD strain is a vigorous hybrid. Serious marijuana connoisseurs around the world will want to grow and test this new strain.

This high CBD strain provides a perfect balance between CBD and THC production with a ratio of 1:1.

The Harlequin strain enjoys a generous production of CBD and THC. It imparts a deeply relaxing yet cerebral effect when smoked or vaped.

Black Domina is a robust Indica powerhouse with a reputation to provide big yields despite its stock size.

With a relatively short flowering time, Sensi #1318 CBD delivers compact and sticky buds. You can grow this strain outdoors in temperate warm climates or indoors.

Available as feminised seeds, all these seeds will grow into female producers.


1 seeds€9.00
3 seeds€22.51
5 seeds€36.00
10 seeds€68.00

sensi #1318 CBD fem


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