New Strain Sensi #11 Blueberry x Afghani x Silver Haze

Sensi Seeds Research – strain #11

new strain sensi #11New strain Sensi #11 are now available as feminised seeds.  A Blueberry x Afghani x Silver Haze cross, the result is a smooth and fruity end product. It is earthy and enjoys a delightful burst of haze to stimulate those cerebral centers.

Sensi #11 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid in terms of effect.  Sensi Seeds Research painstakingly bred Sensi #11 feminised to ensure that Silver Haze isn’t overshadowed by Afghani genes.

Afghani ensures shorter plants and a heavier yield as well as a faster growth cycle.

The legendary Blueberry delivers the fruity side to the equation making this new Sensi strain #11 a legend in the making.

Silver Haze forms the rock bottom basis of most modern Sativa strains. When it first came out, growers praised Silver Haze for it generous yields of awesome potent buds that packed a punch. People still cultivate Silver Haze in large quantities yet it remains tall and slender plant not suited to all growing environments.

This new strain Sensi #11 addresses those concerns offering a more compact and dense plant with an enhanced fruity flavor without detracting from the award-winning traits of much-loved Silver Haze.

These additional characteristics is provided Afghani #1 genetics providing a short but high-yielding plant and a much shorter flowering time.

Like frosting on a well-baked cake, the  Blueberry influence adds the delicious and satisfying flavour to this new strain.

Essential characteristics on Sensi #11:

  • feminised seeds – will produce female plants only
  • a Sativa / Indica hybrid
  • short to average flowering time (7 to 9 weeks)
  • easy to grow and harvest large yields
  • grow indoors or outside in a sunny warm climate with long summers (Mediterranean)
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