Northern Lights

Northern Lights – regular, feminized and auto-flowering seeds

northern lights cannabisSensi’s Northern Lights originates from the west coast of North America where it quickly developed the reputation as one of the most lucrative indoor cannabis strains to grow.

Fast growing, Sensi Seed’s Northern Lights develop dense compact frosted buds combining a honey-musk aroma, an earthy Afghani undertone and a hint of juniper.

THC content is high (15% – 20%) and a sweet smoking Sativa-like high.

Despite the effect of a cerebral, happy high, Northern Lights is usually classified as an Indica.

It is best grown indoors and can yield over 400 grams per plant with a 9 to 11 week flowering cycle.

The plants grow to an average 60 to 80 cm in height, are low in odour so Northern Lights which make a suitable choice for a small indoor set-up.

Best of all, this Sensi Seeds strain produces a smoking experience that just keeps you coming back. Perhaps that’s why it remains a favourite among many experienced indoor growers.

Northern Lights seeds are now available in 3 types:

  • regular seeds that will grow into both male and female plants
  • feminized seeds that will all grow into female plants
  • auto-flowering seeds that will flower throughout its life cycle as female plants

Northern Lights regular seeds user review

I’ve been growing Sensi Seeds Northern Lights for many years and can honestly say that you can’t go wrong with the regular version. IMHO it ticks all the boxes with its soft lemon amber scent and taste. It’s easy to grow and produces a good yield. Best of all is the glorious full spectrum effect that is not found in any other variety that I’ve tried – and  believe me Ive tried a few lol! So if your looking for a good all rounder that will serve you for years to come then a good place to start is Sensi Seeds Northern lights.


Northern Lights regular seeds

10 seeds €120.00

northern lights regular seeds


Northern Lights feminized seeds user review

A strong uniformed plant with only 1 phenotype that I’ve seen so far. This makes it predictable and perfect for SCROG growing or standalone plants. Plants are all identical  producing loads of trichomes soon after flowering is started. It’s resilient to mould and pest infestations and produces large sparkling buds with an end result of connoisseur quality. If you give her the love and devotion she craves then she will give you the top quality of buds you have always dreamed of.

Northern Lights feminized seeds

1 seeds €15.00
3 seeds €37.99
5 seeds €61.00
10 seeds €108.00

northern lights feminized seeds


Northern Lights automatic seeds user review

First outdoor grow southeast England with 3 seeds ordered. Lost one through ant infestation, other 2 done very well in the greenhouse. Planted start of May harvest end of July. Just finished a 2 week cure great smoke, even better effect. will be ordering these again next spring, maybe a 10 pack…trust in Sensi Seeds.

Northern Lights automatic seeds

1 seeds €8.49
3 seeds €21.01
5 seeds €33.00
10 seeds €61.00

northern lights automatic seeds




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