Purple Haze feminized seeds

Purple Haze feminized seeds

Purple Haze feminizedPurple Haze is a vigorous hybrid from Sensi Seeds who have created a potent fast growing strain from Indica and Sativa marijuana strains.

The Sativa side comes from genuine Haze known for its soaring highs and much loved by the Reggae crowd with its Jamaican roots.

The ‘purple’ Indica side comes from the much admired Afghani breeds which give Purple Haze its dense buds that run thickly up and down its branches.

It also posses the dark green colouring of its Indica Afghani origins.

Nevertheless, the high remains kick-ass Haze-like which makes Purple Haze a perfect strain for those who like their weed to pack some extra punch 😉

The distinctive Haze smell is subtle at first yet develops as the plants matures.

Near the end of its flowering cycle, particularly if the temperature starts to drop, Purple Haze turns from a darker green to shades of purple – a delight to witness.

Purple Haze feminised seeds of the White Label family will ensure you a complete and bountiful crop.

You can purchase either 10 or 5 seed packets to suit your grow space and budget.


Purple Haze feminized seeds

1 seeds €15
3 seeds € 37.99
5 seeds € 61
10 seeds € 108

purple haze feminized seeds



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