White Rhino Sensi Seeds

White Rhino Sensi Seeds

white label rhinoRhino, aka White Rhino, is  a potent hybrid for the purpose of increasing the resin content and harvests of the world re-known White Widow.

White Label Rhino is White Widow on steroids, in the same way that Super Skunk improves on the production and potency of Skunk #1.

Both these high level hybrids were created by mixing a world-class strain with killer Afghani  genetics.

Rhino enjoys huge, dense, crystalline buds.

This White Label strain is a marijuana plant for serious commercial growers – and anyone who appreciates top-class Indica.

White Label Rhino also useful for medicinal purposes, due to a high THC content along with with generous amounts of CBD and CBN.

High level Sativas from Brazil and India in the background of the Rhino strain can be felt in the encompassing Indica body-stone it produces.

Smoking this weed give an understanding how it got its name.

Novice smokers may find the body buzzing stone of White Label Rhino like being charged by  this stubborn African mammal!

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Disclaimer: White Label Rhino cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds are legal to be bought, sold and traded in most countries but in many countries the germination of Sensi Seeds and the cultivation of cannabis is illegal, or special permits are required. We supply information on the growth and characteristics of White Label Rhino marijuana for educational purposes only and do not condone or encourage activities that may bring anyone conflict with local legislation. Please check with your local laws. Sensi Seeds neither condones nor encourages illegal activities in any shape of form.