Ruderalis Indica

Ruderalis Indica seeds

sensi seeds ruderalis indicaThrough selective breeding Sensi Seeds have developed an auto-flowering Ruderalis Indica that maintains the strengths of this hardy species that grows wild in Eastern Europe and added extra potency in the finished product.

This hybrid flowers develop rapidly  for early harvest. It’s heritage is growing in harsh climates in very short summers. You can grow Ruderalis Indica virtually anywhere in northern Europe.

Ruderalis Indica requires little maintenance and grows fine when left to its own devices. Great for first time growers and experienced professionals alike.

The entire cycle from beginning to harvest can be as little as 10 to 12 weeks. The flowering is automatic, not requiring declining daylight. This means that Ruderalis Indica you can plant early in the season for an end of summer harvest.

This is one of the only strains that one can grow inside by a sunny window. It will still reach maturity and one can harvested as usual.

It grows between 150 cm to 200 cm with an average yield of 250 grams per plant. Ruderalis Indica cannabis seeds make a great choice for many different types of growing situations.

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Ruderalis Indica seeds

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ruderalis indica seeds





sensi seeds cannabis seeds shipping locationsSensi Seeds situated in the Netherlands makes available cannabis seeds of top quality cannabis strains without issues to all locations marked dark green on the map. Merchandise can be delivered to states filled in pale green.

Sensi Seeds sends cannabis seeds to states in the EU. Sensi Seeds cannot ship marijuana seeds to places outside the EU. Other products such as merchandise can be shipped outside the European Union.

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We recommend another seed bank Sensi Seeds from Seedsman that delivers Sensi Seeds world over.


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sensi seeds disclaimerPurchasing Ruderalis Indica seeds is not illegal in most jurisdictions without restrictions.

Some places allow the growing of cannabis as along as it is for medical use. Some states have legislation aiming to discourage the cultivation of cannabis unless you obtains a permit beforehand. Other countries have very restrictive legislation that attempts to prevent any of its citizens from cultivating cannabis for any purpose whatsoever. We are not experts in cannabis legalities.

If you have any doubts regarding laws on cannabis cultivation where you live you should contact those in the know for understanding. We do not encourage the contravention of legislation.

We provide a legitimate service informing folks about the characteristics and qualities of various cannabis strains and give access to Ruderalis Indica seeds to anyone of the EU over the age of 18.