Ruderalis Skunk

sensi seeds ruderalis skunkSensi Seeds Ruderalis Skunk is a robust outdoor hybrid combining the auto-flowering, dependable, high yielding of Skunk #1 and the most powerful cannabis Ruderalis which grows wild across north-eastern Europe.

Ruderalis Skunk’s auto-flowering potential, is a must for growers who have limited, unpredictable short summer seasons.

Blooming starts within 5-10 weeks of germination between the 5th and 7th set of branches and around 50% of these will auto-flower.  Bring the other 50% to bloom by subjecting them to photoperiod which means that growers can have the benefit of a double harvest each season with Ruderalis Skunk.

The Sensi Seed Ruderalis Skunk gains slightly more height at around 2 m than an Indica. Not the stretch of Sativa perhaps. But an ideal plant to grow on balconies or if growing space is limited.

Flowering is vigorous, covering every internode, stem and branch and the yield can exceed 300g possibly more with a double harvest.  Buds contain a high THC, the smoke is very smooth and the high is very strong.


10 seeds€48.00

ruderals seeds



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