Sensi #743 CBD – high CBD strain just out

Sensi #743 CBD feminised seeds

sensi-743-cbd Based on award winning Black Domina, this new high CBD strain currently known as Sensi 743 CBD fem is a beauty to behold.

This new breed imports all the amazing qualities of Black Domina while pumping up the CBD production and manipulating the THC / CBD ratio. The ratio settles at 2:1. That’s 2 units of THC to CBD.

Compared to most cannabis strains, that’s an abnormally high amount of CBD. For strains that dominate in CBD solely at the expense of THC levels see: Sensi CBD #41 with an insane ratio of 1:30 (30 units of CBD for every 1 of THC).

Sensi 743 CBD feminised seeds will only grow as female plants. No need to every seed grown can become a harvested plant at the end of its flowering cycle.

Although technically considered a hybrid, Sensi #743 CBD is largely Indica dominant.


Sensi #743 CBD will reach an average height of 1 to 1.5 M.  It has an average flowering time of 6 to 8 weeks. This new strain has proven to produce large yields of potent bud when harvesting time has been reached.

You can grow this strain indoors or outside in a warm or temperate climate. In Europe that would mean you could grow Sensi #743 CBD outside south of Paris with good results.

The qualities of Black Domina in a high CBD strain

To fully appreciate this new high CBD strain you need to now a little about Black Domina. It has got the name ‘black’ because its Indica dominant genes can make the leaves so dark they can almost appear black.

Black Domina is an award winning strain carefully and painstakingly bred from the classics known as Northern Lights and the high-resin Hash plant.

Combined with a CBD cultivator strain, Sensi #743 CBD is an ideal medicinal strain. It is also a good ‘wind me down’ relaxer after a hard day of work. Expect deep relaxation with a slight cerebral pick up when smoking.


1 seeds €9.50
3 seeds €23.50
5 seeds €37.50
10 seeds €71.00

sensi #743 CBD


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