Sensi Seeds leads economic recovery

Economic impact of cannabis growing

sensi seeds earningsThe international buying and selling of cannabis seeds has developed in the 21st century. There are a number of factors behind this explosion.
One of the major factors driving the development of the cannabis seed commerce  such as the well established Sensi Seeds is the fact that in many countries marijuana seeds are legal to buy or sell. The planting of marijuana is still illegal in many countries but not so with the seeds. (The exception in the English language world is the US where barriers and possible imprisonment are attached to the free trade in marijuana seeds.)

Another factor is that the attitudes concerning marijuana has relaxed over the past decade. This can be understood by the fact that most people now at decision making levels are of the generation that was brought up on mild drug recreational experimentation. In summary, most people of influence have tried pot in their younger days and know it isn’t the self-destructive substance that people used to regard it as.

Another consideration is that cannabis seeds can be purchased using a computer where strong marijuana breeds like Big Bud feminized can easily be purchased. A lot of people are now familiar with seeking out things and ordering them on the computer. This is as true for these kind of seeds as other stuff. It’s no longer necessary befriend the neighborhood trafficker and do dodgy transactions in back streets.

Another factor that is driving the trade in cannabis seeds is its increased use as medical prescription. Marijuana is now routinely prescribed for the suffers of chronic pain. The utilization of marijuana as prescription treatment has in some ways legitimized its use as a recreational drug. A number of people may search for cannabis seeds to cultivate medicinal marijuana while other might sow cannabis with wider uses in consideration.

Another reason behind the expanding commerce in cannabis seeds is the heightened concern about green living and DIY. More people want to be more self-sufficient and be more knowledgeable about food and other things they consume – for instance marijuana. This social movement has resulted in a proliferation of potent marijuana strains like Durban by  horticulturists – commonly situated in Netherlands – because it’s allowed to grow or trade in cannabis there.

sensi seeds business eurosThe reasons combined is resulting in the  global multi-million euro commerce in cannabis seeds guesstimated to enjoy a turnover around 500 million euros annually. There is no signal of a slackening of the commerce in Sensi Seeds on the web and it is generally expected to increase in the future heedless of the current economic slump.


sensi seeds disclaimerDisclaimer: Buying and selling cannabis seeds is permissible in most countries with few restrictions.

Some places allow the growing of cannabis provided it is for personal use. Some jurisdictions have legislation aiming to discourage the growing of cannabis unless you gets from cultivating cannabis for any reason.

We are not experts in cannabis laws. If you are concerned regarding legislation on cannabis growing where you live you may want to get in touch with the appropriate authorities for understanding.

We do not encourage in any way the contravention of laws. We provide a legal service educating people about the characteristics and qualities of various cannabis geno-types and allow access to cannabis seeds to folks of the EU 18 years old and above.

For those unable to buy seeds from Sensi Seeds there is also a range of merchandise you may find interesting.