Mother’s Finest seeds

Mother’s Finest seeds

mothers finest sensi seedsComing from the Jack Herer breeding program, Mother’s Finest is next-generation Sativa and is one of Sensi Seeds best creations to date.

Upon release, Mother’s Finest became very popular and , won first place for Sativa in 2002. Just like Jack Flash, Mother’s Finest is a fine-tuning of Jack Herer’s top level gene pool.

Jack Herer represents a perfect blend of Sativa-Indica while Jack Flash is a strong Skunk strain.  Mother’s Finest with a sweet-sour flavour and fantastic cerebral highs – represents the Haze influences.

Mother’s Finest requires the full flowering time (50 to 70 days), though this is shorter than similar Haze hybrids. Sensi Seeds Mother’s Finest gains height rapidly when flowering so grow spaces with limited upward space should flower early. Like other top quality Sativa hybrids, Mother’s Finest marijuana can be used as rooted clones or small seedlings.

The amazing appearance and scent of Mother’s Finest in full flower impress all serious cannabis growers – especially Sativa connoisseurs.

Mother’s Finest Seeds reviews

What do growers say about Mother’s Finest seeds and strain?

Mother’s Finest is Sensi Seeds absolute best variety! I grew this in 2004-2005. First, the Indica dominant pheno ready in 8 weeks of dense buds covered with a white layer of giant resin glands was impressive.  Then, the even taller super branchy and heavy and horny tailing buds with an amazingHaze smell ready in 10 weeks with an incredible Sativa potency.  Lastly the 90+ days  Haze dominant phenotypes soaring high with no ceiling. Hard to choose just a single female when starting seeds. They are all very sexy and appealing mothers!


The Mother’s Finest strain is absolutely beautiful. Its smell is unique and it is very tasty. I grew and cured it in Denver. It’s something you could smoke every day and be happy with your choice. Since I tried it I’ve been in love. I love Haze strains but this one takes them all by storm!

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Mother’s Finest Sensi Seeds

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