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shiva shanti plantShiva Shanti is one of the first Sensi Seed unique ganja strains, named after the twin-daughters of Ben Dronkers.

A three way cross between an old-school ‘Garlic Bud’ Afghani, a ‘heritage’ Kush and a recessive Skunk gene which boosts her vigour and strength.

Sensi’s Shiva Shanti is vibrant, large and is low odour – great for outdoor growing.

This lovely lady will guarantee a huge yield of spear-shaped buds that quickly appear after flowering.

Her famous skunk parent produces a sharp acidic tang of raw garlic mixed with a rich, sweet scent.

The effect felt is stress-free, deep and physical in all senses of the body and mind.

Height: 100-130 cm Yield: up to125 gr

10 seeds €36.00

shiva shanti seeds



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