Shiva Skunk feminised

shiva skunkThe most potent member of the Skunk strains and therefore one of the strongest Indica strains ever made available, Shiva Skunk is very  popular hybrid.

Shiva Skunk from Sensi Seeds were an instant hit when first  released.

Before being formally named, Shiva Skunk was already creating a reputation as the next level in marijuana breeding.

Sensi Seeds has taken c a step further, making available a favourite strain as a predictable, stable, feminized variety.

Shiva Skunk enjoys a prolific bud structure and stunning potency .

In flowering, its buds greatly increase their mass and density and become encrusted with a trademark layer of over-sized resin glands due to the genetic influence of Northern Lights #5.

Feminized Shiva Skunk out-performs even its genetic parents in terms of yield and resin content.

The aroma is skunk-dank with a touch of citrus; smoke is thick, expansive and resinous, described as ´creamy´ by veterans, sometimes as ´oily´ or ´heavy´ by novices.
Shiva Skunk´s extreme potency can have a range of different effects in smokers, making them red-eyed and giggly, or deeply contemplative, or even filling them with energy and a desire for adventure.

€173 shiva skunk feminised

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Disclaimer: Shiva Skunk cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds are legal to be bought, sold and traded in most countries but in many countries the germination of Sensi Seeds and the cultivation of cannabis is illegal, or special permits are required. We supply information on the growth and characteristics of Shiva Skunk marijuana for educational purposes only and do not condone or encourage activities that may bring anyone conflict with local legislation. Please check with your local laws. Sensi Seeds neither condones nor encourages illegal activities in any shape of form.