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Shiva Skunk regular, feminized and automatic seeds

Shiva SkunkNamed after that weed loving deity from India, Shiva Skunk is one of the most potent Skunk varieties available with strong Indica characteristics.

Developed from super pot Northern Lights #5 crossed with Skunk #1, this super strain from Sensi Seeds quickly developed a a great reputation among top growers when first released.

During flowering buds bulk up quickly being coming sticky with an over-abundance of potent resin.

In fact, this vigorous hybrid outperforms its Northern Lights and Skunk #1 in both potency and harvest volume.

Shiva Skunk flowers from 45 to 55 days and grows to a height of 150 – 200 cm.  Expect a harvest of around 500 grams per plant.

Shiva Skunk seeds are definitely something to get excited about if you’re planning to grow marijuana in a greenhouse or indoors.

10 Shiva Skunk regular seeds

10 seeds €73.00

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Shiva Skunk feminized & autofem seeds

shiva skunk automatic

Shiva Skunk automatic

The most potent member of the Skunk strains and therefore one of the strongest Indica strains ever made available, Shiva Skunk is very  popular hybrid.

Shiva Skunk from Sensi Seeds were an instant hit when first  released.

Before being formally named, this strain was already creating a reputation as the next level in marijuana breeding.

Sensi Seeds has taken it a step further, making available this favourite strain as a predictable, stable, feminized variety as well as an automatic variant.

Shiva Skunk enjoys a prolific bud structure and stunning potency .

In flowering, its buds greatly increase their mass and density and become encrusted with a trademark layer of over-sized resin glands due to the genetic influence of Northern Lights #5.

Feminized Shiva Skunk out-performs even its genetic parents in terms of yield and resin content.

The aroma is skunk-dank with a touch of citrus; smoke is thick, expansive and resinous, described as ´creamy´ by veterans, sometimes as ´oily´ or ´heavy´ by novices.

Shiva Skunk´s extreme potency can have a range of different effects in smokers. For some – red-eyed and giggly. Others, deeply contemplative. Yet again, some partakers feel filled with energy and a desire for adventure.

Shiva Skunk feminized seeds will all grow like the regular strain but all seeds will develop into bud-bearing female plants.


Shiva Skunk feminized seeds

1 seeds €11.00
3 seeds €28.01
5 seeds €45.00
10 seeds €87.00
25 seeds €190.01

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Shiva Skunk automatic seeds will start to flower a few weeks after germination and continue to produce buds throughout its growth cycle. Automatic seeds are often referred to as autofem seeds because like feminized seeds, all plants will be female.

Shiva Skunk automatic seeds

3 seeds €30.00
5 seeds €47.50
10 seeds €90.00

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