Silver Haze

Silver Haze regular and feminized seeds

silver haze sensi seedsSilver Haze takes the best quality of the legendary Caribbean/Reggae herb, Haze, and adds some qualities that make it ideal for growing indoors.

The original Haze was developed before indoor growing needs were catered to and although a potent Sativa with magical smoking ganja, it remains too large and loose a plant for optimum indoor growing requirements.

Silver Haze from Sensi Seeds addresses these problems. Without sacrificing any of the soaring Haze high, this breed remains stock, dense and high yielding for limited space.

Combined with with Northern Lights #5 x Haze, Silver Haze boosted the cerebral highs of  Sativa and developed frosted,  dense tropical crops could be produced efficiently with lights.

Silver Haze buds are  long, silky pistils sprouting from oval calyxes which surge along the stem and branches to fill the gaps between internodes.

Afghani influence helps produce the strain’s thick layers of silver resin glands and the way her calyxes swell, adding density in the final weeks of flowering.

Silver Haze enjoys a long flowering period and grows best outside in warm sunny climates with long summers. You can grow indoors with sufficient lighting and room.

You can get large yields from growing Silver Haze without too much fussing or care. It a robust strain that thrives in a range of conditions.

Silver Haze will double or  triple in height in the flowering phase.

The buds of Silver Haze buds are long with silky pistils. They surge along the stem and branches filling the gaps. The strain’s thick layers of silver resin glands adds density in the final weeks of flowering.


Silver Haze regular seeds

10 seeds €95.00

silver haze regular seeds



Silver Haze feminized seeds

1 seeds €14.00
3 seeds €34.99
5 seeds €56.00
10 seeds €108.00

silver haze feminized seeds



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Legal Notice

sensi seeds disclaimerDisclaimer: Buying and selling cannabis seeds is legal in most places with few restrictions.

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