Sensi Skunk #1

Sensi Skunk #1 regular, feminized and automatic seeds

skunk #1Indica-dominant Skunk #1 is a Sensi Seed classic.  For the past quarter century or more it has delighted both growers and consumers of fine cannabis. Accordingly is is a Cannabis Cup winner.

Through careful back-crossing and intensive selection of generations of plants from Afghanistan, Thailand and Central and Southern America, Sensi Seed have stabilized the first true-breeding Indica/Sativa hybrid.

Skunk #1 enjoys a short flowering period yet is known to produce large harvests.

Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 has vigorous growth, sturdy stems and branches covered in long pistles, an abundance of fast to flower buds which results in a potent smoke.

Indica-influenced in appearance, Skunk #1 gains slightly more height than a pure Indica in bloom reaching approximately 1.5 M as harvest approaches.

Sensi Seed Skunk #1 is robust and will thrive with just the basic care  performing well both indoor and in a greenhouse. It grows outside best in warm sunny climates with a long summer (Mediterranean).

This plant has a great consistency of generating a good strong punch with a great skunky sweet taste.

Professional beeders at Sensi Seeds regard Skunk #1 as the benchmark of uniform, predication harvests. Skunk‘s rock-solid genes has formed the basis of many modern hybrids.

Skunk #1‘s vigorous performance and large yields are a testament to the meaning of hybrid vigour.

Growth and flowering are mainly Indica-like, though Skunk plants gain more height than pure Indicas when developing buds.

The flowering cycle is rapid. Skunk #1 produces tough stems and branches that will support her heavy dense buds. Expect potent and heavy colas by harvest time.

Skunk #1‘s Sativa influence show on flower structure in addition to its effect when smoked. Expect an uplifting combination of relaxing body-stone and a soaring inspirational high!

Height up to 300cm, Yield up to 500g



Skunk #1 regular seeds

10 seeds €32.00

skunk #1 seeds



Skunk #1 feminized seeds

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3 seeds €15.00
5 seeds €24.99
10 seeds €41.01

sensi skunk #1 feminized



Skunk #1 automatic seeds

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3 seeds €19.00
5 seeds €30.00
10 seeds €54.99

skunk #1 seeds automatic



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