Skunk Kush

Skunk Kush regular and feminized seeds

Skunk KushA select cross breed of Skunk #1 and the famous Hindu Kush, this Sensi Seeds hybrid is a winner in many respects. Skunk Kush retains the thick stems and dark leaves of it’s Afghani heritage but introduces the vigorous growth and bulk of its skunk influence.

The buds of Skunk Kush develop rapidly and when harvested impart that pungent hash-like qualities peculiar to Afghani Indica marijuana.

Developing in large grape like bunches, the super stoner buds of Skunk Kush bulk out to an average harvest of 500 grams.

The effects are a perfect mix between the relaxing body-buzz its Afghani heritage and a sizzling cerebral high of its Sativa background.

With Skunk Kush, Sensi Seeds have produced a hybrid that satisfies many demands – easy to grow, potent, large harvests, great highs.

Skunk Kush seeds are now available in regular and feminized form.

Skunk Kush regular seeds

10 seeds €90

skunk kush seeds


Skunk Kush feminized seeds

1 seeds €13.00
3 seeds €33.00
5 seeds €51.99
10 seeds €101.00

skunk kush feminized seeds




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