Snow Ryder feminised seeds

Snow Ryder autoflowering seeds

Snow Ryder autofem seedsWhat makes Snow Ryder from the White Label family special is the fact that it is auto-flowering and that it sparkles like diamonds when mature due to the buds being covered in resin crystals.

Auto-flowering strains grow buds continuously after a few weeks of initial growth. All automatic seeds are feminized so all plants will grow into female plants.

What this means is that Snow Ryder can start budding sooner and continue to be longer like other auto-flowering cannabis strains such as Ruderalis Indica and Ruderalis Skunk.

This  automatic strain grows into plants with a height of  90 to

120 cms. It starts to bud on their 6th set of leaves which can take from 6 to 8 weeks.

If you intend to grow Snow Ryder outdoors, plant in early Spring so it will be developing nice buds by June and final harvest will be in September.

Snow Ryder is a tough and stocky strain with dense Indica-like buds. It’s ‘snowy’ appearance is due to the immense whitish resin production making the buds sticky and fragrant.

When smoked Snow Ryder imparts a satisfying body-buzz complimented by an uplifting high.

Snow Ryder automatic seeds

1 seeds €8.49
3 seeds €21.01
5 seeds €33.00
10 seeds €61.00

snow ryder automatic seeds




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