Super Skunk Sensi Seeds

Super Skunk Sensi Seeds

Super Skunk Sensi SeedsSuper Skunk Sensi Seeds are super because of its origins – a hybrid cross between Skunk #1 and pure Afghani hash plants (the high resin kind).

A Cannabis Cup winner, Super Skunk remains popular with experienced growers looking for reliable crops of high potency and pleasing effect.

Its a predictable strain guaranteed to deliver the goods which makes it a favoured strain for serious commercial growers and hobbyists alike.

You can depend on Super Skunk to deliver three things: fast growth, potent smoke, lovely fragrance.

The finished buds ready for harvest are covered in crystals and sticky with resin.

It has a flowering cycle of 45 to 50 days and grows up to 150 cms in height.

Super Skunk is a strain from the Sensi Seeds White Label family.



Super Skunk regular cannabis seeds

10 seeds €33.00

super skunk seeds



Super Skunk feminized seeds

1 seeds €7.50
3 seeds €19.00
5 seeds €30.00
10 seeds €54.99

super skunk feminized seeds




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