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White Ice regular and feminized seeds

White IceWhite Ice is the child of three super strains: Northern Lights, Super Skunk and Afghani hash plants.

That makes White Ice cannabis seeds produces a fast growing and flowering strain with huge dense buds with an intense Indica dominated effect (body buzz on!).

It gets its name form the fact that the buds develop sticky whitish resin glands.

When fully grown White Ice sparkles like diamonds. given the size and thickness of its buds, harvest are quite large (400 grams+ per plant) despite it short size of 90 to 130 cm.

The taste is “sweet and oily” with a thick smoke that gives you a stoney, relaxed effect without making you comatose.

White Ice is a very popular strain with growers. Feedback and reviews are very positive. A couple of examples below:

White Ice Sativa has a great smell with a kind of lemony taste which reminds me of the  80s. It has a pleasant taste, and has a relaxing effect. Also it has a very upbeat euphoric state of mind yet keeps a clear head. It’s a good strain for getting stuff done and not being up in a daze. This is a good strain for anxiety and  depression.


With a lemony smell and frosty looking crystal covered plants, White Ice is a keeper. So I kept two as mother plants. Iused the  SOG method and got a decent harvest – enough for a fair smoking season. A great smoking weed with a strong but easy going effect.


White Ice seeds

10 seeds€32.00

white ice seeds


White Ice feminized seeds

1 seeds €14.50
3 seeds €36.00
5 seeds €54.99
10 seeds €99.00

white ice feminized seeds




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