White Widow

White Widow regular, feminized and automatic seeds


white widowWhite Widow is the first and possibly the greatest of the white strains – named after their whitish bud hairs thick with crystalline resin when fully mature.

The strain known as White Widow gained its fame in the coffee houses of Amsterdam where it quickly became the favourite for pot smoking tourists and locals alike.

So what’s so great about White Widow from the grower’s perspective?

Top White Widow chacteristics:


1. It  grows and develops quickly which ensures a bountiful harvest.

2. White Widow guarantees a heavy yield of around 400 to 500 grams per plant.

3. It is a relatively easy plant to grow indoors and even makes a good cloning plant.

4. White Widow is not just high in THC content (15% – 20%) but also gives a great effect when smoked – a perfect balance between Sativa and Indica – which keeps you coming back for more :D.

Many consider White Widow as one of the most popular strains available anywhere. (Beware of a lot of phony seeds out there calling themselves “White Widow”  – get the real thing.)

Genuine White Widow cannabis seeds from the White Label genetic pool are available from Sensi Seeds.


White Widow regular seeds

White Widow regular seeds grow into a 50/50 ratio of female and male plants. If you want to breed White Widow seeds this is what you need.

10 seeds €41.01

white widow seeds



White Widow feminized seeds

White Widow feminized seeds all grow into bud-producing female plants. For the largest harvest per seed feminized seeds are your best choice.

1 seeds €15.00
3 seeds €37.99
5 seeds €61.00
10 seeds €108.00

white widow feminized seeds



White Widow automatic seeds

White Widow automatic seeds, also known as autoflowering or autofem seeds, will grow buds througout its vegetative stage regardless of light cycles. The size of White Widow automatic is smaller than regular White Widow and overall harvests may be smaller, but earlier and more harvests are possible. All White Widow automatic seeds will grow into female plants.

1 seeds €8.49
3 seeds €21.01
5 seeds €33.00
10 seeds €61.00

white widow automatic seeds




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sensi seeds disclaimerPossessing cannabis seeds is legal in most places with few restrictions.

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